1. Voice Over Talent Website Launches New Casting Feature

    Businesses wanting to sound like ‘one of the big boys’ are now able to use the same professional voice actors that are featured across hundreds of national radio and television commercials. The Voice Realm launched the new service last week to simplify the task of finding professional voice actors online.

    It used to be that hiring a professional voice talent involved using an expensive voice over agent. On top of agent’s fees were the hiring of the recording studio and engineer, and then having to pay residuals every time the recording was broadcast. All of this was way out of most small to medium sized businesses budget.

    The Voice Realm’s new casting service feature has simplified and streamlined the process and inadvertently saves clients time and money.  In just a few mouse clicks the automated service casts a wide net amongst a large talent pool to find voice over talent, who record a custom mp3 demo to make it easier for the client to make a selection.

    In a first for online voice casting websites, rates are set, clear and consistent. This meaning the user doesn’t have to experience confusion and frustration sorting through hundreds of different rates and terms proposed by voice talents.

    Kurt Myers, The Voice Realm’s business development manager explains that the new option was six months in the making. “From when the site launched in March 2012 we continually sought feedback from our clients to find out how we could make their job as simple as possible, without affecting the quality of voiceover artists the site presents to them. In less than five minutes they’ll have sent out a casting notice which traditionally would have taken a whole day to complete. Within an hour they’ll have custom mp3 demos to listen to.”

    The service is free with no hidden fees or obligation. Rates are clear and there are no residuals to ever pay.

    Hundreds of voice talent are listed on the site and due to the broad range of accents, dialects and languages, clients are certainly sure to find something that suits their need.


  2. Fall prevention system and its benefits

    What is a fall prevention system?

    Fall prevention system provides a safe and suitable environment for the workers working on a construction site. It is beneficial and advantageous for one’s site. The system will be as per one’s choice and affordability. The installation of the system can be done by the installing teams. Safety deck fall prevention system is considered an ideal and cost effective system which is according to the requirements of the work at height.

    Use and need of the system:

    Many construction companies prefer this option for the sake of safety of their workers. Fall prevention system is quite reliable for the companies. It is considered a light weight system for the benefit of the working place. It is considered an important ingredient to secure and maintain a healthy and safe environment. The system works very efficiently for the trades on the site.

    Installation of the system:

    The system is cost effective and beneficial for the construction sites, one can choose a system as per his requirements. As risk exists everywhere and one can’t completely finish a risk, but a risk can be minimized. In the same way, falling from height is a risk present at construction sites which can cause injury to the workers. To provide security to the workers, the system is to be installed by the companies. The system can be installed a day before the working of the operations of the company. It is easy to intsal and remove as because of its weight.


  3. 3 Quick Ways to Earn Money Online

    Are looking for a good job that will give you your own space and time to work? Is you prefer to work online or work from home? If yes, then you have certainly landed up on the right page. There are so many ways by which you can earn money online. Hang on a minute! You need to make sure that which job you select is the reliable one and does any fraud issues with them. Just in case you are not sure which is the right job, then you can refer to few easy way to get the right one.

    • Enter in your search engine like Google or Yahoo, as the top job opportunities that you can get to work from home or work online, Data entry, content writing, translation are some of the popular jobs that you can come across. Read the job profile and which suits you, apply for the same. One of the site that provides the guidance on making money online is MakeMoneyOnlineJobs. You can find lots of tips & ideas if this is your first time.
    • There are many reliable job portal in which you can send your resume for this type of job. Such portals have numerous contact details of the companies and entrepreneurs who are looking for the profile like yours. You can contact them and start working.
    • Another ways is to look around in the newspaper. Certainly it is traditional method, but mind it you will not find any good sources other than here. Get some contact details and contact the companies who are offering such online jobs.

    All these ways are pretty simple and doesn’t take more than 15 minutes for you to send your CV and apply for the same. Besides the response from the other side would be quick too. Keep your CV and samples ready so that you can start with the work soon after it gets shortlisted and earn money simply sitting at home. Best of luck!